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The beginning of the 1860s. Fort Griffin, Texas. One of the most dangerous cities in the wild West. The town, first being built in order to protect local people from redskin assaulters, soon was crowded with the most arrant criminals of that time. It was the only city where  headhunters arranged inside the Sheriff Station basement a ward for criminals detention in order to put them on a train and send to El Paso or Austin where a trial awaited them. It was the perfect shelter from any possible attack or siege by other gang members in the attempt to free their arrested comrade. Representatives of  the law could stay there for days or even weeks, having enough food, many alcohol, and even escape route. They had dug a secret tunnel, so in the case of attack  Sheriff and his teamcould escape to a nearby coal mine, where they had  ammunition. With time flow everything has changed. Criminal life romance in the deserts of the Wild West faded away and the famous basement Fort Griffin was abandoned.

The middle of the 1920s. Fort Griffin, Texas It was already adopted a no alcohol law and the forgotten basement under the train station again becomes necessary for local bootleggers. They organized under-the-table manufacture of whiskey in the abandoned coal mine. To their great surprise, accidentally, they found a tunnel that led  right to this basement. It was the perfect set of circumstances. In the basement they made Speakeasy, where  bottled off alcohol and kept some part of barrels. Repeatedly Speakeasy had raids of law enforcement, but each time they were ineffectual. With the alarm button call, guests finished drinking alcohol and could always escape through tunnel as well as the owners could hide goods into the mine. In case of the unlikely inspection of the mine, they could move everythying into the basement.

The bar is open even now, behind the bar counter you can see the doors that hide the entrance to that very same mine. Bartenders still remember the legends about the worst criminals and are ready to tell them till the morning mixing cocktails

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